Hi. Jo and I hope that you find our site useful. While most of you are probably here to check out photos from a recent event, take a bit of time to look through the links sections too - there are some really useful sites in there.

Historically, this site has dealt very well with old web browsers. However, our new menu based system may create problems for some. If you can't use the menus above, just follow the other navigation on each page, or click on the logo at the top left to get back to this page:

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Recent Changes (not including new photos & links)

20 August 2008: Moved the site to www.thewrights.net.au. Also included a 'view as slideshow' feature for photo albums (early days - still some more work to be done)

4 December 2006: Added Keyword Search to photos, changed 'Archive' photos to 'All' photos, changed the menu layout for links and photos

15 October 2006: Changed the Link Categories and the Links menu

10 September 2006: Released first full version of the Movielist mini-site, added email link to 'Main' menu. Changed 'Extras' menu to 'Mini-sites'


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