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Links - Movies, Books etc

The Simpsons Archive. This scary place tells you a lot more information than you ever thought possible about the Simpsons.
The Online Books Page. This site has thousands of free books available online or in downloadable formats.
Australian TV Guide. What's on TV tonight?
3RRR FM. Sick of playlists? 3RRR is a subscriber based radio station, free of commercials. It is program based, with programs including comedy, computers, political commentary, blues, heavy metal, techno, jazz, indie, Australian music, movies and just about anything else you can imagine. The station now streams content live over the net too!
Yahoo Movies (Australia). Lets you find out what's on when and where at the cinemas. Not much use outside of Australia though!
The Internet Movie Database (IMDB). Powerful search features, links between actors and movies, user ratings and other interesting features make this site the place to go for movie information. Contains Episode Lists, descriptions, ratings and original screening dates for just about any TV show ever aired.
YouTube. A fantastic place to explore, YouTube contains an endless supply of user created movies. Have a look here for our movies in particular!
Angry Alien Productions. 30 second versions of famous films with bunnies for actors. Great stuff!

Links - News

The Age. Melbourne's broadsheet newspaper. While far smaller in circulation than the Herald-Sun, it provides a little more in-depth coverage of the news.
The Register. Technology news etc. Also look out for the BOFH (Bastard Operator From Hell) series - very funny reading.
Slashdot Org. News for Nerds. The content tends to be very 'open source' heavy, but there are always interesting stories on the news page.

Links - Comics + Fun

Girl Genius. Set in a medieval European Steampunk setting, Girl Genius is a serial following the adventures of Agatha, a 'spark' with the ability to create amazing machines.
Penny Arcade. Gabe and Tycho present an 'alternative' view of the gaming world 3x per week (expect strong language). In addition to the comic, Tycho's news posts are frequently informative and entertaining.
8-Bit Theater. This is a long running, very funny serial based on Final Fantasy I. It's probably better to start at the beginning, though there's quite a bit to get through! Updated 3x per week.
Dork Tower. A twice weekly comic strip featuring a bunch of socially inept misfits. If you don't know who Dilbert is, then you've never worked in an office.
Player vs Player. These days the comic is not so focussed on gamers, but I've been reading so long it's become a habit.
FAIL Blog. Selling hams for a Jewish holiday? FAIL. A sign in a sports stadium in Beijing with the English translation "Translate server error"? FAIL. A sign telling immigrants to "Learn are language"? FAIL.

Links - Podcasts

GeeksOn. Welcome to GeeksOn. A show created by geeks, for geeks, covering topics geeks like to talk about.

Podcast feed: Paste this URL into iTunes using the Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast... menu, or use your favourite Podcast App.
Gamespot presents the HotSpot. The HotSpot presents all of the latest news in video gaming from the week, and can be a very funny listen as well. Very enjoyable podcast that is really well put together.

Podcast feed: Paste this URL into iTunes using the Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast... menu, or use your favourite Podcast App.
The Spin. The Spin is a weekly show on radio station 3RRR exploring Public Relations, Media and Spin Doctoring. It has a pretty heavy Australian (especially Melbourne) focus, but is a great insight into the dark art of public relations.

Podcast feed: Paste this URL into iTunes using the Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast... menu, or use your favourite Podcast App.
Penny Arcade. This occasionally updated Podcast is a recording of the creating process that Mike and Jerry go through when coming up with ideas for their comic.

Podcast feed: Paste this URL into iTunes using the Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast... menu, or use your favourite Podcast App.

Links - Web Developer

Hostmatrix. Free web hosting. You'll need to become an active member on the forums to gain more bandwidth and disk space, but even the basic account is great. Offers PHP, MySQL and a host of other good stuff for building modern sites.
ImageShack. Free (unlimited) image hosting. I recommend setting up an account, as it makes it easier to manage your pictures.
Typetester. Great online resource for sampling fonts, their spacing and effects. See what the text will look like on the screen, compare against other settings and automatically generate the CSS required.
Netspace. My ISP. Offers good hosting through most of Australia.

Links - Games + Leisure

Nintendo Wii. The Wii is Nintendo's newest console. The controller looks like a remote control and is used by waving it through the air like a tennis racquet, or pointing it at the screen like a gun.
Dungeons & Dragons. The official site for the granddaddy of all roleplaying games.
D&D 3E Character Sheets. Character sheets for Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition. These are my own design, with one page for basic stats, a second for combat and a third for treasure and gear.
The Call of Cthulhu. This is another role-playing game, set in 1920's New England and has a strong horror element to the game. Lots of fun - I recommend having a look.
Ceroc (Canberra). Ceroc is a modern partner dance incorporating elements of swing, jive, rock 'n' roll and salsa. While Jo and I live in Melbourne now, Ceroc Canberra is where we first learned to dance, and is still our favourite venue.
Inside Mac Games. News, interviews, reviews etc covering everything in gaming for the Macintosh.

Links - Tools / Reference

Wikipedia. The online Encyclopedia. Created and updated by the general public, this contains a huge mass of information about pretty much everything. It's had its share of controversy, with politicians editing their own entries to look better etc, but is still a great start when looking something up.
Anagram Genius. The place to go for anagrams.
The AltaVista BabelFish. This site translates phrases from one language into another. Type in your phrase (in your selected language) and choose a language to translate to.
Currency Converter. The first ten currencies are not alphabetical (they're the most frequently used), but the lists become alphabetical after that.
The World Clock. Lets you know what time it is in other parts of the world.
Olympic Results. This site contains the results for all Olympic Games ever held. Particularly useful in Trivia competitions.
Snopes Urban Legends Database. Snopes is the first place to go to if you ever get an email saying "Please pass this on to all of your friends!" and wonder "Is this story real?"
The Straight Dope. The Straight Dope is a site that answers any question that you could possibly imagine. In their own words, they have been "Fighting ignorance since 1973". A good accompaniment to Snopes!

Links - Apple Mac

VersionTracker. Find and download the latest freeware, shareware and updates for MacOSX, OS9, Palm and Windows.
Apple Computer. Perhaps that should be 'Apple iPod' these days? Apple continue to create great stuff, and I continue to enjoy using it.

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