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8-Bit Theater. This is a long running, very funny serial based on Final Fantasy I. It's probably better to start at the beginning, though there's quite a bit to get through! Updated 3x per week.
Penny Arcade. Gabe and Tycho present an 'alternative' view of the gaming world 3x per week (expect strong language). In addition to the comic, Tycho's news posts are frequently informative and entertaining.
Girl Genius. Set in a medieval European Steampunk setting, Girl Genius is a serial following the adventures of Agatha, a 'spark' with the ability to create amazing machines.
Slashdot Org. News for Nerds. The content tends to be very 'open source' heavy, but there are always interesting stories on the news page.
The Age. Melbourne's broadsheet newspaper. While far smaller in circulation than the Herald-Sun, it provides a little more in-depth coverage of the news.
Wikipedia. The online Encyclopedia. Created and updated by the general public, this contains a huge mass of information about pretty much everything. It's had its share of controversy, with politicians editing their own entries to look better etc, but is still a great start when looking something up.
YouTube. A fantastic place to explore, YouTube contains an endless supply of user created movies. Have a look here for our movies in particular!
FAIL Blog. Selling hams for a Jewish holiday? FAIL. A sign in a sports stadium in Beijing with the English translation "Translate server error"? FAIL. A sign telling immigrants to "Learn are language"? FAIL.
The Internet Movie Database (IMDB). Powerful search features, links between actors and movies, user ratings and other interesting features make this site the place to go for movie information.
Yahoo Movies (Australia). Lets you find out what's on when and where at the cinemas. Not much use outside of Australia though!

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