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The Simpsons Archive. This scary place tells you a lot more information than you ever thought possible about the Simpsons.
The Online Books Page. This site has thousands of free books available online or in downloadable formats.
Australian TV Guide. What's on TV tonight?
3RRR FM. Sick of playlists? 3RRR is a subscriber based radio station, free of commercials. It is program based, with programs including comedy, computers, political commentary, blues, heavy metal, techno, jazz, indie, Australian music, movies and just about anything else you can imagine. The station now streams content live over the net too!
Yahoo Movies (Australia). Lets you find out what's on when and where at the cinemas. Not much use outside of Australia though!
The Internet Movie Database (IMDB). Powerful search features, links between actors and movies, user ratings and other interesting features make this site the place to go for movie information. Contains Episode Lists, descriptions, ratings and original screening dates for just about any TV show ever aired.
YouTube. A fantastic place to explore, YouTube contains an endless supply of user created movies. Have a look here for our movies in particular!
Angry Alien Productions. 30 second versions of famous films with bunnies for actors. Great stuff!

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