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Girl Genius. Set in a medieval European Steampunk setting, Girl Genius is a serial following the adventures of Agatha, a 'spark' with the ability to create amazing machines.
Penny Arcade. Gabe and Tycho present an 'alternative' view of the gaming world 3x per week (expect strong language). In addition to the comic, Tycho's news posts are frequently informative and entertaining.
8-Bit Theater. This is a long running, very funny serial based on Final Fantasy I. It's probably better to start at the beginning, though there's quite a bit to get through! Updated 3x per week.
Dork Tower. A twice weekly comic strip featuring a bunch of socially inept misfits. If you don't know who Dilbert is, then you've never worked in an office.
Player vs Player. These days the comic is not so focussed on gamers, but I've been reading so long it's become a habit.
FAIL Blog. Selling hams for a Jewish holiday? FAIL. A sign in a sports stadium in Beijing with the English translation "Translate server error"? FAIL. A sign telling immigrants to "Learn are language"? FAIL.

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