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Wikipedia. The online Encyclopedia. Created and updated by the general public, this contains a huge mass of information about pretty much everything. It's had its share of controversy, with politicians editing their own entries to look better etc, but is still a great start when looking something up.
Anagram Genius. The place to go for anagrams.
The AltaVista BabelFish. This site translates phrases from one language into another. Type in your phrase (in your selected language) and choose a language to translate to.
Currency Converter. The first ten currencies are not alphabetical (they're the most frequently used), but the lists become alphabetical after that.
The World Clock. Lets you know what time it is in other parts of the world.
Olympic Results. This site contains the results for all Olympic Games ever held. Particularly useful in Trivia competitions.
Snopes Urban Legends Database. Snopes is the first place to go to if you ever get an email saying "Please pass this on to all of your friends!" and wonder "Is this story real?"
The Straight Dope. The Straight Dope is a site that answers any question that you could possibly imagine. In their own words, they have been "Fighting ignorance since 1973". A good accompaniment to Snopes!

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