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Our Wedding

Joanne and I were married on Sunday the 2nd of April at Holy Trinity Church in Kew, Melbourne.

We have been collecting many photos of the day, and would love to see any photos that may still be out there!

The Bride. Joanne remained very secretive about the dress until the day, and looked stunning.
Mother of the Bride. Janice and Jo spend a little time together before heading off to the church.
Down the aisle. Michael (Hawke) and Joanne walk down the aisle at Holy Trinity, Kew.
Signing the Registry. Pictured (L to R): Stephanie, Marty, Joanne, Michael, Dianne.
Outside the Church. Joanne poses for a photo with Allison and Mish.
Bridesmaids and boyfriends. Pictured (L to R): Shaun, Allison, Dianne, Jared.
Brides get all of the attention! Pictured (L to R): Michael, Peter (Nesbitt), Marty, Joanne and Peter (Wright).
Sharing a moment. Joanne and Michael catch up with each other in front of the cars.
Wright family photo This photo was taken in the Bridal suite at Quat Quatta before the start of the reception. Pictured (L to R): Andrea, Dave, Michael, Joanne, Geoff, Susan, Lorna and Peter.
Cutting the cake. Michael and Jo manage to cut through the beautiful cake.
The Bridal Waltz. There were expectations on us to do more than just Waltz, so Joanne and I pulled out a few more moves.

Here's the movie too: (use this link if you can't see the video below)

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