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New Year's Eve 2007

Dave and Suzy held a James Bond theme party to see in the year 2007. I went as Jaws (complete with Aluminium Foil over the teeth) and Jo came as Miss Moneypenny. There were many great outfits, but the highight had to be Jase's baby blue terry towelling playsuit, as worn by Sean Connery in Goldfinger.

Classy outfits. (L to R) Jill, Beth, Jo and Jase
Oddjob was another fantastic outfit for the night.
Moneypenny and I pose for a shot. Nice dental work!
The name's Bond, Dave Bond. Pictured with his faithful Bond girl, Suzy.
Bond Girls. (L to R) Sal, Beth and Suzy
Dave and Sean looking classic

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