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Kel and Ash's Wedding

Kelly and Ash were married at the Camberwell Baptist Church on the 27th of January 2007. Here are a few photos from the wedding, and from the Reception held afterward at the Royce Hotel on St Kilda Road.

Calm and Collected. Kelly and Ash take a seat as the service starts.
Bec provides one of the readings.
The exchange of rings. Ash's ring was a tight fit, but Kel made sure it went on no matter what!
The Kiss.
The Bridal Party and the signing of the Register.
Signing the Register.
The crowd outside congratulating Kel and Ash after the ceremony.
The married couple with the crowd.
The Wedding Cake. Both Kel and Ash are keen skiiers!
Gingerbread Men! I love Gingerbread. Each guest received a lovely little Gingerbread surprise, baked by Kel's mum Judy. Notice the little ladybug in the bottom corner - one of Kel's trademarks.
Kel and Ash take to the dancefloor.

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