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Benjamin Wright's First Days

Benjamin Michael Wright was born at 5:52am on Sunday the 2nd of December. Weighing in at 3.325kg (7lb 5oz), he was 51cm long. After enjoying the comfort of the hospital for a day, Jo and I took advantage of the hotel stay offered to some mothers. It was fantastic to be able to sit back and enjoy this little luxury as well all got adjusted to our new lives together.

This Page: Some of Benjamin's first moments

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Introducing Benjamin. This is his first sleep after birth once he was cleaned up a bit.
Benjamin's first photo. Mum and baby are having a little rest less than 5 minutes after the birth
Getting checked out.
Dad has a hold before we head out of the delivery suite and into a regular bed.
Wide awake!
Having a bath. Benjamin didn't enjoy his first two baths, but he has taken quite a liking to them now.
Benjamin and Mum have a bit of a play together.
Having a little lie down together with Dad.

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