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A trip to the Zoo

Jo, Ben and I recently went to the Zoo with Karl, Stephanie, Alison and Zara. Here are a few pictures from the day.

Karl looks after the kids while Stephanie gets some food ready for Zara.
Me, Jo and Stephanie in front of the Elephant exhibit. The Elephants were fairly active, and one of the Bulls was getting a shower and checkup at the main presentation building too
Out and about. (L to R) me, Benjamin, Jo, Zara, Karl and Stephanie.
Jo holding Ben at one of the exhibits
Zara gets close to a butterfly in the butterfly house. The butterflies would often land on our shoulders, arms and packs.
Lunchtime. (L to R) Stephanie, Zara, Alison, me, Joanne (with Ben).
Alison helps Zara to eat her lunch.

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